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Wendy K Gray.jpg

I discovered Kate Shannon on the internet! I stumbled upon a picture of a Moon, in a boat, rowing on the water. I instantly knew Kate was the one for Sidewalk Stories. Below is some of the start up work she did on the characters many years ago. Her links are below as well. Brilliant, she is!         Kate recently published the book that drew me to her. The Harvest Moon Takes a Dip is available on Amazon. Audiobook that I narrated is on itunes. Wonderful story! Click the images.

Click here for one of Kate  Shannon's site.
Bethany Butterfly Sidewalk Stories butterfly that still need to learn to fly
Sidewalk Stories
Wanna see more of Kate Shannon?  CLICK here on Bethany Butterfly.
Trevor Gribben
Sammie Squirelly
Bethany Butterfly
Original bad sketch I sent to Kate
Crispy Catcus
Willow Worm
Sidewalk Stories
Otis Oaktree
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