Meet the Creator... Voice Over Actor, Singer Songwriter -

                               Wendy K Gray!

Wendy K Gray

When I got into voice over I wanted to utilize all my skills - singing, songwriting and writing. One day, I was out on a walk in Studio City, California. That particular day I sat down and noticed a whole world going on around me, on the sidewalk!

I started singing...

"It's been in your front yard and you didn't know it.

It's just about time and we're gonna have to show it.       

It's the Sidewalk Stories!"


Sidewalk Stories was born from a song. Ideas are where you start!

Singing the Stop-Think-Act song activates the ordinary sidewalk and transports our cast to a magical world using the Magical ABC Sidewalk.  Here, they explore each Sidewalk option in an alternate-ending format, looking for the best solution.


Which Sidewalk path will they choose?

My biggest, long term goal is to make Sidewalk Stories into an animated series. In 2008 I pitched SS to Seth MacFarlane, who helped connect some dots. I was devastated when SS didn't get picked up. And I almost gave up! It has taken me eleven years (and a lot of voice over money) to return my dream, to the beginning with these two amazing people,

Co-author Kian Ahmadian and illustrator Kate Shannon! I could not have done with out them! Or Joee Corso, Randy Hoffman, Kate Higgins, Barry Young and Ryan Dream. Along with my biggest supporters in life, my sister and Jessica Anne Bogart.

Read, Watch, Listen and Sing. Welcome to Sidewalk Stories! 

Wendy K Gray.jpg
Wendy K Gray.jpg
Sidewalk Stories
Sidewalk Stories
Click here for one of Kate  Shannon's site.
Original sketch I sent to Kate
Bethany Butterfly Sidewalk Stories butterfly that still need to learn to fly
Bethany Butterfly
Crispy Cactus

Trevor Gribbon

Otis Oaktree
Sidewalk Stories

Willow Worm

Sammie Squirrelly

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