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Read, Listen, Color, Watch and Sing at the Magical ABC Sidewalk!

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Sidewalk Stories series by wendy k gray
Bethany Butterfly.jpg - Problem Solving For Kids

Solving problems with alternate endings at the Magical ABC Sidewalk activated by singing the award winning STOP-THINK-ACT song.


Wendy K Gray wins Favorite for Sidewalk Stories How Otis Oaktree Opened His Eyes
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The Lemonde Landing Mat

The Lemonade Landing Mat 

Oh no! Sammie Squirrelly has been caught with lemonade that doesn’t belong to him! Which Sidewalk path will he  choose? Option A, B or C?

Sidewalk Stories is a special world with a Magical ABC Sidewalk! Singing the "Stop-Think-Act" song they activate the Magical ABC Sidewalk to safely Stop to Think up ideas and Act them out in an alternate-ending format, to solve Sammie Squirrelly’s problem!

Join Bethany Butterfly and friends in their first heartwarming adventure of the series -

The Lemonade Landing Mat.

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How Otis Oaktree Opened His Eyes 

The 1982 hailstorm stole Otis's courage!

Will Otis feel safer if he asks Mother Nature to STOP the rain? In the second Sidewalk Stories adventure, they will continue to assess and eliminate ideas through trial and error and creative problem solving.

With original songs like, “Stop-Think-Act” and “1982”, they will explore alternate-ending options in this magical version of the ordinary world. Which Sidewalk will lead Otis to his courage  A, B or C in...

How Otis Oaktree Opened His Eyes

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Kates Otis Black and White Big Coloring
Sidewalk Stories Meet Moby Mutt

Meet Moby Mutt

In the third Sidewalk Stories adventure, Bethany Butterfly and friends have a new dilemma! Trevor wants to be a responsible dog owner. But how, when his own dog won't listen to him?

Activating the Magical ABC Sidewalk by singing the "Stop-Think-Act" song they work as a team to help Trevor find some answers! A punk rock show, an animal adventure and the song "Favorite" help Trevor uncover some secrets and

Meet Moby Mutt... for what feels like the first time.

Moby Mutt Big Coloring Book COVER v.3 co

Which Sidewalk path will they choose?

How Otis Oaktree Opened His Eyes Trailer

Stop and Think before you act.
You'll discover all the facts.
If you Stop and Think it through
you'll decide what's right to do.


Bethany Butterfly voiced by Wendy K Gray

"A cozy tale with fantasy elements that lightly delivers a lesson." -Kirkus Reviews

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Today Is The Day.... 

to begin reading, go on an adventure and learn the days of the week.

Join Bethany Butterfly as she prepares to fly.


Sidewalk Stories Starters on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

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